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Peer Review and Outsourced Quality Control Services

Understanding the market shortage for talented auditors, our firm has made the decision to support the profession by dedicating resources to deliver Peer Review and other outsourced quality control services to accounting firms.

We believe the selection of your Peer Reviewer is essential to receiving the full benefit of your Peer Review.  Ideally, you want to match your Peer Reviewer’s experience to your firm’s experience for maximum efficiency and insight.  Our goal is to provide our peer review clients with an efficient and cost-effective Peer Review that enhances your firm’s quality control and overall audit practice success.

Participation in the AICPA Peer Review Program enables your firm to:

  • enhance your firm’s quality control policies and procedures
  • gain a better understanding of recent professional pronouncements
  • obtain demonstrable evidence of your firm’s quality
  • reduce recurring issues
  • obtain insight into deficiencies which require correction
  • learn best practices from the peer reviewer
  • see how your firm measures up to other firms

Additionally, we provide pre or post issuance quality control services or other consulting regarding specific accounting or auditing matters.

For more information about how we may be able to assist your firm, email Kelli Miller at kellim@wcscpa.com or call 410-339-6464.