Tax Prep, Planning & Strategy

WCS tax experts bring your complex tax issues into plain view.

Every business, individual or industry has its own tax complexities and regulations. It’s this intersection of tax complexity and client profitability where we thrive. We bring things into clear view where clients can understand and build on the plans and strategies that ensure a strong financial structure to grow your business or your estate.

Our tax advisors specialize in the following areas:

Individual Tax
Equally as important as understanding the ever-shifting tax regulations is understanding the complexities and goals of each individual and family we work with. We create active relationships with our clients to assure that changes in regulations and changes in their lives can be captured and planning can be adjusted to maximize their income.

Business Tax
Like our lives our businesses experience a lifecycle. From starting up to expansion to transferring or selling the business. Every business and industry has unique and ever-changing tax compliance issues – and world and community events can have positive or negative effects on our success. WCS comprehensive tax planning provides a 360 degree view of how to minimize the impact taxes will have on your business.

R&D Tax Credit
Research and Development isn’t something only big corporations do. Businesses of all sizes are innovating every day – trying different approaches and methodologies to continually improve their products, processes and client services. You may be doing more R & D than you think and we can help you identify and claim R & D Tax Credits to reduce your tax liability.

Estate & Trust
The transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is a critical component to your overall financial strategy. It is a multidisciplinary approach combining the talents of your attorney and financial advisor with our estate tax professionals. Together we will develop, implement and monitor a plan to conserve and transfer wealth

When it comes to non-profits we have our own mission. Our CPAs and business consultants provide strategic business planning and tax insight to develop non-profit financial systems that meets their present needs and provide a sustainable path for the future of their mission. WCS partners are not only actively involved with our non-profit clients but also served as board members supporting many local non-profits in our community.

Real Estate Tax
At WCS we work with real estate developers, homebuilders, general contractors, subcontractors, specialty trades and common interest realty associations to develop and implement powerful tax planning strategies. Each plan is built from the ground up to meet the exacting needs of your real estate business and adapt to the ever changing real estate markets.