Business Valuation

WCS business valuation certified professionals work closely with your essential management and professional advisors to understand every aspect of your business and its impact on the valuation process.

Business valuations play a critical role in a business’s strategic planning. WCS valuation team has the insight and experience to develop a comprehensive review and analysis to determine your business’s accurate financial assessment. Once a valuation is determined, WCS can further assist you with:

Securing outside financing.
If you need to obtain outside financing, valuations can be used as leverage when seeking investors or lenders’ financial help.

Selling or buying a business.
If you are planning to sell your business, a valuation will not only estimate how much your company is worth but also offer insights into how you can improve it. If you’re a potential buyer, your appraiser can scrutinize any assumptions the seller’s appraiser uses to justify the sale price. Even if a business sale or purchase isn’t in the foreseen future, business owners still need buy-sell agreements to guard against a partner’s sudden death, disability, or withdrawal from employment.

Estate planning.
Business valuations are often needed for estate planning. A company’s value affects the tax-related costs of selling, gifting, or bequeathing its business interests. Failing to estimate value accurately may leave your heirs with a sizable estate tax bill that could force them to sell your company after your death.

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